Our Mission is Simple: Turning Useless Into Useful
Recycling FAQ

What materials do you upcycle?

We take bicycle inner tubes, vinyl advertising banners and used seatbelt webbing. If you have these or other materials you think we should experiment with, contact our Recycling Coordinator.

What kind of inner tubes can Alchemy Goods recycle?

We CAN recycle:

  • Any size 26” tube
  • 700c tubes 35c or wider

We CAN NOT recycle:

  • Tubes with flat protection slime
  • Thick walled thorn-resistant tubes
  • 700c tubes skinnier than 35c
  • BMX size tubes

Please don’t cut the tubes. We have to air them up and remove any holes. It’s hard to do this when the valve is missing or the tube is cut in half. We’ll take ‘em with blowouts, snakebites, and patches, etc. A small nip near the valve is OK to help get all the air out.

Where can I recycle bicycle tires?

The best option is to ask your local auto tire recycler. Some tire processors will take bike tires for free, some charge, and some don’t take them at all.

Are your seatbelts really recycled?

Yes. We collect used seatbelts from local junkyards. After a simple laundering process, they become a comfortable and durable bag strap.

We value your feedback

Drop us a line anytime: info@alchemygoods.com

If you’d like to suggest a material you think we can upcycle for our products, contact our recycling coordinator.


We stand behind all our Goods for their entire (second) lifetime. Not only are we happy to repair any manufacturing defects for free if you send it to us, but if the defect is the fault of the user, then the Alchemy Goods workshop will quote the repair cost and fix that bag as quick as possible, too.

Return Policy

We hope you love your Alchemy Goods product, but if you don’t you are free to return it within 30 days of purchase. So long as the item is in new condition we will give you a full refund. To return an item, you must first receive an RMA number. Please call us to make arrangements: 206.484.9469.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our materials are sorted, cut, cleaned and prepped in our Seattle workshop. Our bags are assembled at a sewing shop in the neighborhood.

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